Forearm Training Tips

Just like calves, forearms can be quite difficult to build up. There are a lot of people who think forearm size is mostly genetic. However, there are certainly things you can do to boost forearm growth. In this article I will go over some different exercises and techniques you can use in your training.

In general, you are going to want to hit your forearms frequently. Have you ever seen a mechanics forearms? They are typically jacked yet they don’t even lift weights. It is because they use their forearms every single day in the workplace.

You also want to mix up the rep ranges and intensity. On some days you should do heavy sets and others going for the pump.

Farmers Walk:

A farmers walk is an extremely taxing and difficult exercise. What you do is grab two heavy dumbbells and simply walk with them. Sound easy? It’s not. Your forearms will be on fire at the end of this exercise. The farmers walk is also an excellent conditioning exercise.

Heavy Deadlifts:

Heavy deadlifts will cause your forearms to work hard to grip the bar. Try using a double overhand grip to make things more difficult. 

Forearm Roller:

The forearm roller is an awesome exercise. It will give you a massive forearm pump. Take a pipe with a rope attached to it and place a weight on the end of the rope. Hold your arms outstretched in front of you and perform a rolling motion. This will bring the weight up wrapping it around the pipe. You don’t want to go too heavy with this exercise, you are chasing the pump.

Pull Up Variations:

Any time you can hang off a bar, the more forearm growth you will get. There are tons of different pull up variations out there. Some hit the forearms more than others. The two best forearm specific pull ups are towel pull ups and weighted pull ups.

Towel pull ups will be the most difficult and will give you the biggest forearm pump. What you do is place a towel around a bar. Grip both ends of the towel and perform a pull up.

For a weighted pull up, place a weight belt or weighted backpack on your body. Then you perform a pull up. Both are great to include in your program

Rock Climbing:

The first time I went rock climbing my forearms were sore for 3 days straight. I never experienced something like that. If you look at a rock climber physique they always have developed forearms. On top of the benefits, it’s a lot of fun! Do a Google search and see if there are any rock climbing gyms in your area.

Rope Climbing:

Rope climbing is a different way to get your forearms working. If your gym has a rope, all you do is climb up and down.

Forearm Curls:

Forearm curls are one of my least favorite exercises listed in this article. You can certainly include them but I wouldn’t put too much of a focus on this particular exercise. There are a couple different ways to perform a forearm curl but one of the most common is to stand holding a barbell with your arms extended to your sides. With an underhand grip, move the weight up using only your wrists/forearms. Do not bend your elbows.

This movement can also be done seated or with dumbbells.

There you have it. Try including these exercises in your workouts and watch your forearms grow! Be sure to hit them intensely and frequently. If you have any questions at all feel free to shoot me a message.