How It Works

I will send you a questionnaire to learn more about you. It will go over your goals, current/past workout history, injuries if any, medical history etc… This is so I can get as much information about you to make you the best program possible.

Based off of your goals and answers I will formulate a custom training program. Along with the exercise program I will send diet recommendations.

I will setup an account for you in my app where all of your workouts will be located. You will easily be able to access workouts from any device. Make print outs or just have them on your phone. I am currently creating a video to show you all the features of our app!

Weekly I will review your account and have you send us an update. How the week went, any concerns, progress etc… From that I will make any changes necessary for the next week.

If you follow my programs and recommendations I am confident in helping you reach your goals. I give unlimited support during the week and will be here for any questions at all. I truly do care in my client’s success and do everything I can to make it successful.