Morning Fitness Routines

Morning Fitness Routines: Why Should I Start One

Before I mention anything else let me ease all of your thoughts right away and say that I’m not writing this article to convince you to wake up at 5 am and do your normal one hour workout before the sun even comes up. I used to do that myself and got into a rhythm with it, but due to changing circumstances I can confidently say I will most likely never do that again.

So what am I trying to convince you? I’m trying to convince you to start off your day with some sort of fitness aspect. I’m going to first describing the benefits of doing so and how it can start your day off right and improve your overall productiveness. Then we can look at specific examples as well as what I personally do.

The Early Morning Impact

It’s no secret that how you start your day has an impact on your mentality and production going into the rest of your day’s activity. If you wake up and decide to hit the snooze a few times, stay in bed for a while, and maybe skip breakfast, I’ll bet that the rest of your day doesn’t go as productive as it could go either.

In contrast, have you ever woken up and taken care of some yard work or started off with a business call to finish up a work project you’ve been trying to finish for a while? That early productivity is going to give you a sense of accomplishment right off the bat, and may even inspire you to continue that production moving forward into the bulk of your day.

Where Does Fitness Come In?

Fitness in general has been proven as a great way to raise self-confidence and relieve stress. For me, it essentially determines the quality of my life in general. Not really, but also yes really. If I’m consistent in my workouts, my consistency translates to all other aspects of my life. If I’m achieving the body I want, my confidence then permeates to the rest of my interactions, relationships, and so on.

If you’re reading this, there is a good possibility that working out is already a part of your life. That’s good. That being said, you know that when you complete a workout, you feel good. You feel accomplished, and feel as though you’ve just done something productive.

That’s why morning fitness is so important. You start your day immediately with a sense of accomplishment and productivity. Even if you don’t have a work or house project to make yourself feel that same sense of accomplishment and productivity, you’re doing an activity that is benefiting your body and your health. So, you’re going to feel good about how you’re starting your day. As we talked about before, this then translates to the rest of your day.

Quick and Easy Regimens

Like I said, I’m not advocating a full workout. I’m advocating something quick and easy enough that it can be consistently done whether your want to or not, but substantial enough that you feel accomplished and productive upon completion. I’m going to say that again and put it by itself because after typing it I like the way it sounds:

…quick and easy enough that it can be consistently done whether you want to or not, but substantial enough that you feel accomplished and productive upon completion…

This looks different to each person. For some that could be a 20 minute run in the morning. For me that would not be quick and easy, because I hate running. I wouldn’t be able to remain consistent. For you, however, maybe that’s quick and easy. If it is, more power to you.

For someone else it may be a quick ab exercise. Abs often go overlooked at the gym because we always tell ourselves we’ll finish our workout with abs. Then, after putting in an hour of chest, tris, and shoulders, we discover we’re physically spent and decide to skip abs. I like to start off every morning with 10-15 minutes of ab work. For me, even though my ab work is highly intense, it is quick and easy enough that I will remain consistent.

Again, maybe the intensity of abs is still too grueling to remain consistent. Try stretching or foam rolling. Even though it isn’t building muscle or increasing cardio, it is still having a positive effect on the body. If it is something that is “substantial enough that you feel accomplished and productive upon completion,” then that’s a great way to start off the day.

Try it for 30 Days

I encourage you, if you’ve made it to this point in the article, to give it a try for 30 days. If you can make it to that I can almost guarantee you’ll see the results enough to continue on voluntarily.

I started my ab routine a few months ago. I do it every day the moment I get up. I jump out of bed, get down on the ground, and go for it. During the week that is 7 o’clock for me. By 7:15 I feel accomplished and productive and ready to go about my day.

I encourage you to figure out what meets my quote above for you personally. Find something quick and easy that you will commit to every day, and substantial enough to produce a feeling of accomplishment and productivity. Start your day off right and the potential for a great day is always there.