Post-Thanksgiving Track Workout

Did you eat a little too much over Thanksgiving? I personally go all out on Thanksgiving. I know a lot of fitness coaches that will say “Don’t over eat!” “Don’t touch the pie” “Lay off the gravy”


As most of you know, I think life is all about balance. I even believe that indulging every once in a while keeps you on track with your diet. However, when I indulge I love to workout to counteract my gluttonous behavior.

I typically decide to do an intense workout in the morning and the next day. The morning of Thanksgiving I decided to do a pretty steep hike with my wife. Today I have something planned that is not so fun. Let’s get into it.

Here is an intense track workout you can try after Thanksgiving.

*Please don’t get mad at me if you end up spewing out some turkey and stuffing from the day before.

Head over to your local highschool/college track. First do a dynamic warmup and maybe jog the track slowly once around. Once you are all warmed up, this is the actual workout.

  • Sprint the straightaway 100 meters
  • Jog the round half circle 100 meters
  • Sprint the straightaway on the other side of the track 100 meters
  • Jog the round half circle 100 meters

You keep going with that pattern with no breaks for a total of 5-10 laps. Really push yourself and do as much as you can. This workout will leave you huffing and puffing. I can guarantee it will make you feel a little better about yourself for what you ate the day before.

As always, if you have any questions shoot me over a message on our contact page.