Ramp Up the Intensity

This will be a quick blog posts talking about a couple of different techniques you can use to make your workouts more intense.

Drop Set: With a drop set you are starting with a heavier weight and then immediately dropping the weight 3-4 times after failure. This set will destroy you so I will typically recommend doing drop sets only on your last set. Let’s go over an example.

For our example we will say you are doing 3 sets of 10 for bench press at 185. On your last set you max out to reps. Immediately after you rack it, get up and take 25 pounds off each side and max out at 135. Right after that take 40 pounds off and max out at 95. If you want to extend it yet again, just take all the weight off and bench the bar for max reps.

It is great and highly recommended to have a spotter when doing this. Not just for safety but to help you quickly take weights off.

Super Set: A super set is a pretty commonly used technique in the fitness world. You will take two exercises and complete them back to back. So let’s say you pair bench press and bent over rows for 3 sets of 10. You would do a set of 10 bench press and then immediately do a set of 10 bent over rows. After that rest a minute and complete it 3 times. It is a great way to save time and make your workouts more intense.

You can pair the same muscle groups or multiple. I implement both. For arms I love pairing a tricep and a bicep exercise. If I really want to hit chest I might do bench press followed by flys hitting the same muscle group. There are a lot of different ways to go about it.

Forced Reps: For these reps you are going to need a spotter. What you are going to do is do as many reps as possible with an exercise. Once you can’t do them anymore your spotter is going to give you some assistance. So for bench press they would grab the bar and help you pull it up. You will still be doing the majority of the work and it will wreck your muscles.

Tri Set: Similar to a superset, you take 3 exercises and do them one after another. I like implementing this for pump work. Say for arms we did Barbell Curl, Skull Crushers and Incline DB curl right after another for 3 sets of 15.

Slow Eccentric: The eccentric phase is the lowering phase of a movement. It is responsible for the sore feeling you get out of a workout and most will say it is the most important phase for muscle group.

What you are going to do is pretty straight forward. On the lowering phase you do it slow and controlled. About 4 seconds or so. On the concentric phase when you are raising or pushing, you go fast. When doing this be sure to use a weight that is lighter than usual. It will be a lot more difficult.

There you have it. A couple different techniques you can use to ramp up the intensity and ramp up the gains in the gym. If you have any questions at all shoot us a message!