Strength Training

There are plenty of reasons to desire an increase in strength. You may be an athlete that wants to improve performance in your sport by getting stronger. You may have a physically demanding job that requires exertions of strength every day. Or you may simply want to gain confidence by increasing your lifts in the gym. I will turn your reasoning into results.

At Elev8 I have programs that will help you increase your strength through consistent weight lifting. After communicating to figure out initial strength, I will give you exercises that will be updated periodically to promote a steady increase of weight, and therefore strength.

The key to strength gains is patience. Some weeks you will improve your lifts dramatically, while others you will not have the same rate of improvement. Constant communication between us concerning where you’re making quicker gains and what muscle groups seem to be improving slower will help me to gauge your progress and tweak your program as we go. This way, together, we will progress and achieve your strength goals.